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The Grenadier, High Street, Hailsham

1803: Barracks were established on Hailsham Common (between Summerfields Road and London Road) to house troops for the war with France the troops intended to man the Martello Towers, which defended the Pevensey areas from Napoleon. The Grenadier was also built in 1803 to also meet the needs of the troops. The Barracks on Hailsham common were dismantled in 1815 after success at Battle of Waterloo.

The Grenadier was smaller than what the pub is today and also looked completely different because in 1910 the whole of the front of the pub was removed and changed. Other major changes were a large two storey extension to the saloon bar and a large single storey extension at the rear of the property creating a much needed large stock room.

In the following image (approx 1869) you can see the Grenadier (pale building on the right) Pre 1910 before the works were carried out on the front of the pub.

We (Malcolm and Robin) took over The Grenadier on June 21st 1999 which was great as we could celebrate the New Millennium in a new pub. Together we have over seventy years experience running pubs in Seaford, Brighton, Hassocks and Burgess Hill.

Over the past fifteen years we have had several internal refits and external make overs each time changing the colour scheme, carpets and upholstery and have eventually come of with something we really like and we hope our customers like it too.

The dreaded smoking ban came into effect in 2007 and with the help of Harvey's we we able to create a large covered smoking area in the garden that is illuminated at night, which has been well received by the smokers wanting to have a quick drag while its wet, windy and dark.

One thing Robin was determined to do in the new millennium was to get the old pub sign reinstated in the empty frame outside the pub on the carpark. Unfortunately the old sign could not be found anywhere and to be honest it would have probably been rotten through. On mentioning this to Harvey's they thought it was a good idea and had a new sign commissioned. The new sign was completed and had an image of an old Grenadier Guard in his red tunic leaning on his musket while in a green field next to a forest. We were all very happy with the end result especially Robin. Also to finish it off Harvey's had all the front signage reworked or replaced with the same colour and font that appears on the new sign and the outside lighting was also renewed and it now looks fantastic.


Could you help?

We are always trying to gather new historical information about The Grenadier as it would be lovely to have a complete history record. If you have any usful information including photographs from any period after the pub was built in 1803 right up to the present day please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.